Where To Bet On The Houston Texans

Even with the popularity of betting on the NFL, there are still some fans that are unsure about where to bet on the Houston Texans. This is understandable when you consider how drastically the US sports betting market has changed in recent years. Texas residents have been betting on the Houston Texans for decades, with online sportsbooks being the most popular way to wager. Sports betting sites provide odds on the Texans each week, beginning during the preseason and going throughout the entire playoff schedule. With thousands of diehard fans already betting on the biggest Houston matches, it only makes sense for everyone to get in on a piece of the action.

Where To Bet On The Houston TexansWe can answer the question of where to start betting on the Houston Texans and more. A brief overview of exactly how Houston Texans wagering works and common wagers types will be beneficial to bettors of all experience levels. Also, you may be interested to learn more about what changes (if any) are expected to happen to the overall market for sports betting in Texas.

Best Sites For Wagering On Texans Games

Below we have brief reviews of some of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the Houston Texans. These sites allow online sports betting in Texas as well as in most other U.S. states. BetOnline accepts players from all 50 states, which means that local sports fans will have no problem joining and betting on the Texans.

SportsBetting.ag - Earliest Odds For Texans Games Anywhere On The Net!

SportsBetting SportsbookBetting on the Houston Texans doesn't get any better than at SportsBetting.ag. This site offers all of the Texans game lines including player and team props. Bettors can place live wagers on Texans games that offer it, as well as Super Bowl odds. The best part is that Texans betting odds are posted earlier than most other online sportsbooks.

After you fund your account, you can start betting on the Houston Texans right away. Some of the deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, and bitcoin. With bitcoin, you can deposit anywhere from $20 to $25,000 and claim a 100% First-time Crypto Bonus. Just use code 100CRYPTO while in the online cashier!

Bovada.lv - Bet On Houston Texans With Bitcoin!

Bovada SportsbookBovada.lv is one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the Houston Texans! There are hundreds of wagering options throughout the season, with Texans betting odds posted every week. Bovada has one of the best live betting platforms, and you can also wager on live odds from your mobile phone. The site has two reliable deposit options – credit card and bitcoin. The credit card minimum is $20 with a maximum of $1,000, while you can deposit anywhere from $20 to $5,000 with bitcoin. When you deposit with bitcoin, you can also redeem a 50% Bitcoin Match Bonus up to $500 with code BVSBITCOIN50.

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Betting On The Houston Texans

Online sports betting sites like Bovada will always have the current betting odds for the Houston Texans posted throughout the season. Each week, you will be able to find betting lines for the upcoming matchup. A quick example of what you might see on the site is week 6 Houston Texans betting odds have the team favored to win against the Browns. The Texans are 10-point favorites, with -500 betting odds to win the game. The game total is 47, with the under 8-1 in Houston’s last 9 games. These are the core wagering types found at any sportsbook, which is why we have broken them down individually.

Texans Spread - The point spread will set the Texans as either the favorite with a minus sign or the underdog with a plus sign in a particular matchup. If Houston is the favorite, then they will have to give points on the betting line, meaning that they have to win by more than that amount of points to win the bet. While in the role of the underdog they would receive points, meaning that they can still win the bet by winning the game or just not losing by the number of points set on the line.

Betting Texans Straight Up - For the moneyline, the bet is placed on the team to win the game outright. There is no point spread involved on the moneyline. However, if you bet on a favorite the payout will be lower than if you bet on an underdog. If the Texans are favored at (-150) then you would have to bet 150 dollars to win 100 dollars. If they were an underdog at (+150) then you would only need to bet 100 dollars to win 150 dollars.

Texans Over/Under Point Total - For the game total, it adds Houston's and their opponent's point total together. The bet for this would have been made on the number set down prior to kickoff, with a wager on the over or under. If you bet the over then you are essentially saying that the final points scored will be higher than the number set on the line. The opposite is true when you bet the under.

Making Deposits + Withdrawals At Texans Betting Sites

Making deposits and withdrawals at Texans betting sites is not a difficult process at all. With electronic delivery methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin, you can make instant deposits at the best Houston Texans online sportsbooks. Credit cards are extremely convenient but Bitcoin is the more reliable option. There are no international fees for using Bitcoin, and you will typically have a lower minimum and a higher maximum deposit amount. Whereas card deposits range from $50 to $5,000, Bitcoin goes from $10 to $25,000 depending on the site.

Payouts at online sportsbooks are also quick and easy. Some of the options for withdrawals include checks, money orders, bank wires, and bitcoin. Bitcoin will be the fastest sportsbook payout method, with funds reaching your account in as little as 24 hours. Bank wires send your funds directly to your bank account, while checks are delivered to your front door via a courier service. The fees for sportsbook payouts will vary, but many sites do offer one free payout per month.

Houston Texans Player Prop Bets

Player props for the Texans is an entertaining and unique way to bet on Dallas without placing wagers on the direct outcome of the game. These player props are broken down to performance for some of the key players in the skill positions. Below are a couple of examples. Since these player props can cover so many topics it's best to see them through examples.

  • Total Rushing Yards
  • Total Passing Yards
  • Total Receiving Yards
  • Total Passing Attempts
  • Total Completions

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Houston Texans Team Prop Bets

Like player props, Houston Texans team props also cover a lot of different outcomes, especially for the individual games. We could see as many as 20 or 25 team props per game for the Texans during the season. Below are a couple of team prop examples that could pop up.

Houston Texans - Team Prop Examples

Houston Texans Total Yards Allowed vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Over 265.5 Total Yards Allowed
  • Under 265.5 Total Yards Allowed

This is a betting line set down for the entire Texans defense, and how many yards they will allow in a game versus the Jaguars. If they allow 266 yards or more, then the Over total will take this betting line... anything less and the Under would take this wager.

Will The Houston Texans Make The Playoffs And Win A Game?

  • Yes -110
  • No +120

This is an example of a team prop for the Texans that could come out at any time during the season. It's almost twofold because Houston will first need to make the playoffs before being capable of winning a playoff game. This "yes/no" prop is handicapped through the payout and this particular example shows that "yes" is favored to win (9/10) versus "no" and them not winning a playoff game (6/5).

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Mobile NFL Betting On The Texans

Mobile NFL betting on the Houston Texans is the most convenient way to wager. You can take your sportsbook with you everywhere you go, with plenty of Texans betting odds to wager on. The same Houston Texans betting lines and wager types are available from your mobile phone. Just visit the online sportsbook from your smartphone or tablet to be directed to the mobile sports betting site. You can create an account from your mobile, or, use the same login credentials if you’ve already created an account. Mobile Texans sportsbooks are compatible with just about every device, whether it be an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or iPad.

Live Betting On Houston Texans Games

If you are someone who likes to be more interactive on the betting lines, then Live Betting on the Texans is just for you. This puts you right in the middle of the action, as its happening. Oddsmakers are spitting out betting lines as the game progresses, with a myriad of props, adjusted totals, moneylines, halftime lines, and more. Get in on live betting action for the Houston Texans at a variety of online sportsbooks, with hundreds of opportunities to win big. You can also place live bets while sitting in your seat at NRG Stadium. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can wager on live betting odds while at the game. In the future, NRG Stadium could follow in the footsteps of MetLife and offer their own sports betting platform. Until then, offshore sports betting sites continue to provide the most exciting in-game wagering experience.

This Link Will Take You To Bovada Where You Can Find Live Betting On The Texans

Other Ways To Wager On The Houston Texans

Now that game lines and props are out of the way, there is one more topic of betting on the Houston Texans to cover. That would be a futures wager. Futures odds, such as Texans Super Bowl Odds, AFC Championship Odds, and AFC South odds, are a great way to get in on the action early with the potential for some big payouts at the end of the day. Futures wagers are also very common for novice bettors to place, because of the fact that there are no points to cover or other factors to consider. It's a straight wager based on an outcome with a bigger payout.

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Where Can I Bet On The Houston Texans In Texas

Every resident of Texas is already well aware that there are very limited land-based gambling options in the state. As such, sports betting in Texas on the Houston Texans takes place primarily online. With the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA, just about every sports enthusiast is wondering whether brick and mortar sportsbooks will be coming to the state. It does not look as if Texas will be legalizing sports betting in the near future, as the state is not known for being gambling-friendly. Hypothetically, if the state were to legalize sports gambling, residents would most likely see sportsbooks in Livingston or Eagle Pass. These are the only two cities in the state that have any type of gaming, albeit bingo and slots are not the same as sports betting. All signs point toward offshore sports betting sites remaining the best way to bet on the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans Betting Odds FAQ’s

Why Are There Different Texans Betting Odds At Different Sites?

Each site sets their own lines, which is why you might find different Texans betting odds at different sites. You can use this to your advantage by always line shopping for the best odds. If one site has -110 odds but then you find another with -105 on the same line, why not go for the better price? You may also notice differences in point spreads which can also be valuable. You can join multiple sports betting sites to make it easier to line shop and get the best value with each bet.

What Is The Biggest Bet I Can Make On The Texans?

The biggest bet you can make on the Texans will depend on the online sportsbook that you use. There are many factors that go into bet limits, such as the wager type, night of the game, and time of the season. During the playoffs and Super Bowl, you may find higher limits. Though bet maximums will usually be around $5,000 for regular season games, high roller sports bettors can contact customer service to have limits raised.

Should I Claim Bonuses At Texans Sports Betting Sites?

Bonuses are an easy way to instantly increase your bankroll and opportunities to wager on Texans betting odds. The biggest bonuses are typically sign up bonuses, where online sportsbooks will match your initial deposit by a certain percentage. There are also bonuses for existing members, and special event promos during Wild Card Weekend and the Super Bowl. You can claim any bonus you like and cash out once you have met the rollover requirements. The rollover is the number of times you must wager the total deposit plus bonus amount. For example, if you have a $100 deposit plus a $100 bonus and the wagering requirement is 12-times, you must wager $2,400 before requesting a payout. With a 16-game schedule, your bankroll will be ready for the season!

What Do I Do If My Houston Texans Deposit Was Denied?

If you are using a credit card as your deposit method this could very well occur. This is because of a federal law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The law does not allow certain financial institutions from processing payments to or receiving payments from unregulated websites. The law only affects them and not the individual bettor. However, online offshore sportsbooks are well aware of this law which is why they provide so many different deposit and withdrawal options. Simply contact the sportsbook cashier and they should be able to help process your deposit.

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