Betting On The Dallas Cowboys – Game Lines, Prop Bets, and More

When you want to know where you can start betting on the Dallas Cowboys, look no further than the internet. Online sportsbooks have been providing the latest betting odds on America’s Team for decades and these operators show no signs of slowing down. The Cowboys are the wealthiest team in the National Football League, with one of the largest and most widespread fan bases across the league. If there were a breakdown on exactly how much was wagered on each NFL team per season, it’s likely that betting on the Dallas Cowboys would top this category as well.

Betting On The Dallas CowboysWith an ever-changing legal climate surrounding sports betting in the United States, local residents are left wondering ‘what is the current status of sports betting in Texas?’. This is an important question to be answered as it directly impacts your options on where to bet on the Dallas Cowboys throughout the NFL season. We can tell you that the “where” aspect of betting on the Cowboys is evolving as there are no longer any federal barriers to establishing state-licensed sportsbooks in Texas. We want sports enthusiasts to know all of their current and future options, which is why we will highlight all of the ways that loyal fans can start betting on the Dallas Cowboys.

Best Sites For Wagering On Cowboys Games

Bettors searching for where to bet on the Dallas Cowboys will have no problem finding a solution, as there are a bunch of options out there. Below we have included our top-rated Cowboys sportsbooks, where players will be able to bet on everything Dallas, from the game lines to futures odds. But, while there are other good sites for sports betting in Texas and around the USA out there, we recommend sticking to the sportsbooks that are listed on this site as they can all be trusted and our staff has personally used them. – Up To $250 To Bet On The Cowboys

Bovada has everything that a Cowboys fan needs for an exciting sports betting experience. Betting on the Dallas Cowboys can be done from their desktop site or their easy to use mobile betting platform. From your mobile, you can even wager on Dallas Cowboys live betting odds for even more betting opportunities. At Bovada, you will have no problem finding the latest Cowboys game lines, props, and futures.

When you join the Bovada online sportsbook, you can take advantage of their exclusive Bitcoin Welcome Bonus. Using code BVSBITCOIN50, you can get your initial bitcoin deposit matched by 50% for up to $500. If you use a different deposit method, such as a credit card, you can instead redeem a bonus of up to $250. Both bonuses can be used for betting on the Dallas Cowboys, with no restrictions on the odds that you can bet on or the types of wagers.

BetOnline - Earliest Odds For Cowboys Games Anywhere On The Net!

BetOnline SportsbookThose looking to bet on the Cowboys should check out BetOnline Sportsbook. BetOnline has all of the Cowboys odds one could hope for, including every single game throughout the preseason up to the Super Bowl if they make it. Not only that, Dallas' Super Bowl betting odds will be available all year long.

BetOnline's sportsbook bonus is as good as it gets too, as bettors can receive a 25 percent bonus up to $1,000 on all deposits made into their account. Just use code LIFEBONUS while in the online cashier section of the site. Players in the United States in all 50 states can at BetOnline, so that includes you Texas! And for the rest of you Cowboys fans across the country!

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How To Bet on the Dallas Cowboys

Before jumping into where to start betting on the Dallas Cowboys, some fans could use more details on how to start wagering. Luckily, wager types are standard no matter the team or sportsbook that you choose to wager with. We will walk you through each of the common NFL wager types, which include point spread, moneyline, total, and proposition bets.

Cowboys Spread - For betting the point spread, Dallas is set as either the favorite or the underdog for the game. If they are set as the favorite, they give points on the betting line, while in the role of the underdog, they receive points. The bet is then made on whether or not you think Dallas will cover the points that have been set on the line.

Betting Cowboys Straight Up - Then there is the moneyline, where no points are involved other than those on the scoreboard. The moneyline wager is made on the team to win the game straight up without a spread involved. For example, if you believe the Cowboys will defeat the Eagles, but you ‘re not sure by how much, betting straight up will be your best option.

Cowboys Over/Under Point Total - The third game line is the over/under point total. Here, the line is formed for the combined point total for both teams involved in the game, the Cowboys and whoever they are playing. The bet is made on the actual total of the game going the over or the under total of the betting line.

Dallas Cowboys Player Prop Bets

Player props for the Cowboys is an entertaining and unique way to bet on Dallas without placing wagers on the direct outcome of the game. These player props are broken down to performance for some of the key players in the skill positions. For example, you might find quarterback props, rushing props, receiving props, and special teams/defense props for different players. The measure of performance that you are betting on will determine which stats that you should research.

Let’s say that the prop is the over/under on total receptions for a certain wide receiver. You will want to look at his total receptions in the current season, and also consider the completion rate that the opponent is allowing.

There are hundreds of possibilities for Cowboys player props, and we can give you a few general examples of the props you may see.

  • Total Interceptions Thrown
  • Will Player X Pass for Over 250 Yards?
  • Total Rushing Yards
  • Will Player X Throw 2 or More Touchdown Passes?
  • Will Player X Record 25 or more Completions?
  • Total Passing Yards

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Dallas Cowboys Team Prop Bets

Cowboys team prop odds are another fun way to get in on the game action for Dallas during the season, and even sometimes in the offseason. These outcomes for Cowboys props within the game cover a wide range of topics, and are smaller outcomes. Check out a couple of Cowboys team prop odds below.

Dallas Cowboys - Team Prop Examples

Dallas Cowboys Total First Downs vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • Over 12.5 Total First Downs
  • Under 12.5 Total First Downs

This bet is made on whether or not the Cowboys will have more than 13 first downs in the game versus the Giants, or 12 or fewer. If they go over than the higher total wins, while 12 or fewer and the under total takes it.

Dallas Cowboys Total Wins For Regular Season

  • Over 8.5 Wins (-115)
  • Under 8.5 Wins (-105)

This is a wager placed on whether or not the Cowboys will finish the regular season with 9 wins or more or 8 wins or less. This is an example of a team prop for the Cowboys that is not in-game or dealing with a specific outcome within a game but rather the result of the season. It is a defined number but it is handicapped slightly as indicated by the payouts. The "Over" is slightly favored at 17/20 odds while the "Under" pays better thanks to its 19/20 odds.

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Where Can I Bet On The Dallas Cowboys?

Millions of dollars are spent betting on the Dallas Cowboys each year, but where does it all take place? Of course, there are several states that have legalized sports betting and offer land-based wagering opportunities. Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Delaware are just a few of the popular sports betting locations in the U.S., and Texas could one day join the list of states.

If lawmakers do decide to legalize sports gambling, Dallas sportsbooks would definitely be on the radar. This would be extremely convenient for fans betting on the Dallas Cowboys, and would draw in plenty of tourists. Houston sportsbooks could be a possibility, as would Austin sportsbooks located in the capital. Realistically, however, sportsbooks in Eagle Pass and Livingston would be more likely as they are the only current cities with any type of gaming.

Without any land-based options expected within the next few years, offshore online sportsbooks remain the best way to bet on the Cowboys. You will find the latest weekly betting odds posted during the preseason, regular season, and the playoffs!

Live Betting On Dallas Cowboys Games

Live Betting is one of the most fun ways to bet on the Cowboys, and many sportsbooks offer that option today. So, what is it? Well, betting live on the Cowboys can only take place when a certain Dallas game is being offered. But if it is being offered, then players who choose to bet live can place wagers on alternate game lines formed throughout by oddsmakers, as well as a variety of team, player and in-game props. The live odds that are available to be bet on will be listed out, as well as some of the upcoming odds and games in the NFL.

Some Dallas Cowboys fans even place wagers live while at AT&T Stadium. MetLife Stadium was the first to offer live betting from a state-licensed sportsbook, and Texas could follow in its lead in the future. Even without being sponsored by AT&T Stadium, bettors can still use the in-game wagering feature by visiting Bovada or another sports betting site while attending a game. As long as you have signal, you can start betting on the Dallas Cowboys live.

This Link Will Take You To Bovada Where You Can Find Live Betting On The Cowboys

This Link Will Take You To Bovada Where You Can Find Live Betting On The Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Mobile NFL Betting

If you have an iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry device, you will have no problem when it comes to Dallas Cowboys mobile NFL betting. Online sportsbooks offer mobile betting platforms that are compatible with just about every smartphone and tablet device. You can bet on the Dallas Cowboys while waiting in line, at the bar, or on a quick break. The same Cowboys betting lines will be available, plus all of your essential account functions like deposits and withdrawals. One perk is that no download is required for mobile betting on the Dallas Cowboys, just visit the sports betting site from your mobile device. If and when land-based sportsbooks in Texas begin to offer mobile apps, they will be in the traditional downloadable format. Bettors will also need to be physically located within the state to use the apps. With the mobile sports betting sites provided by sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting, you can bet on the Cowboys from your mobile, anytime, anywhere.

Other Ways To Wager On The Dallas Cowboys

We've talked a lot about the game lines and props for betting on the Dallas Cowboys, but there are other ways to do that as well. Cowboys NFL futures are pretty common and get a lot of action. These odds consist of betting on the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, the NFC Championship, and even their own division in the NFC East. You will also be able to find MVP odds, and season win totals. Futures bets on the Cowboys are up year round, with Super Bowl betting odds becoming available immediately after that season’s winner is determined. But like any betting line, these change, especially during the regular season from week-to-week.

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Dallas Cowboys Betting FAQs

How Do I Make A Deposit At A Cowboys Betting Site?

Making deposits at Cowboys betting sites is your first step toward real money sports betting. You can choose from several instant deposit methods to get started right away. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at every reputable online sportsbook, with minimum deposits starting at $50 and going up to a maximum of about $5,000. Bitcoin is the most reliable sportsbook deposit option, and you can often deposit as little as $10 or as much as $25,000. There are no fees, and there is no risk of the transaction getting declined by a bank. Other deposit options include bank wires, which are excellent for high rollers, and cashier’s checks.

How Do I Collect My Earnings From Betting On The Cowboys?

Betting on the Dallas Cowboys is all about maximizing your profits, and when it comes time to withdraw the process should be hassle-free. Online sports betting sites offer 100% secure and reliable payout options. Bitcoin offers the fastest sportsbook payouts, with your winnings available in your BTC wallet within minutes of being processed. There are also no withdrawal fees charged by the online sportsbook. You can also have a check express shipped to your front door or mailbox if you prefer paper delivery options. Other options include bank wires, money orders, and MoneyGram.

Are There Bonuses At Dallas Cowboys Online Sportsbooks?

When betting on the Dallas Cowboys, you will be able to claim huge bonuses to instantly boost your bankroll. All of the top online sportsbooks will have bonuses that can be used on Cowboys betting odds. New player bonuses are often the largest, with the sportsbook matching your deposit by anywhere from 25% to 100% depending on the site. You may also be offered free bets when you bet on the Cowboys from your mobile device, or try out the live betting section. Bonuses change periodically, so make sure to check the Promotions page of your favorite site for Texas sports betting often.

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