Legal Texas Super Bowl Betting

Legal Texas Super Bowl BettingAs one of the biggest states for sports gambling in general, Texas is – as usual – steeling itself for the end of the NFL season and the start of the NFL postseason. And whether or not their home teams are in the mix, you can be sure that legal Texas Super Bowl betting is going to be huge. After all, everything’s bigger in TX, and gambling on the biggest sporting event of the year is no exception.

Of course, Texas residents can’t actually bet on sports at any of the state’s Class II tribal casinos, as federal law (Wire Act, PASPA, UIGEA) forbids such activities everywhere in America except for Nevada. But Las Vegas favoritism aside, folks in the Lone Star State can still enjoy legal Texas Super Bowl betting at several different online sportsbooks. Since these operate offshore and outside of US legal jurisdiction, it is perfectly legal to bet on sports in Texas as long as you do so with a reputable Internet betting shop. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, 5Dimes, BetDSI, and BookMaker are your best bets for betting on the Super Bowl in TX.

Legal Super Bowl Wager Types

Like regular season NFL betting, the legal Super Bowl wager types available at most sportsbooks are probably at least somewhat familiar to you. For the most part, these include point spread betting, straight betting, over/under betting, proposition betting, and various futures and parlays. And like all US-based sports betting, legal Texas Super Bowl betting uses the American moneyline system.

What is the moneyline? Simply put, the moneyline is the “cost” of a given bet. In other words, it shows how much money must be wagered for a given payout. Favorites are expressed via a negative moneyline number, which represents the amount of money you have to wager to win $100. Underdogs are shown with a positive moneyline number, which shows how much money can be won on a $100 bet. Moneylines are almost always shown in parentheses beside their applicable bets, and remember, these are ratios, not minimum bet requirements. Most legal online sportsbooks will take Super Bowl bets of as little as $0.25.

The Super Bowl Point Spread

The most popular type of bet across all major sports, the point spread is probably what you’re most used to when it comes to gambling on athletics. The spread allows bookmakers to balance action on both sides of a wager by giving the underdog a sort of “head-start” on the scoreboard. A Super Bowl point spread, then, might look something like this:

Here, the Vikings, as 5.5-point favorites, must beat the Ravens by a minimum of 6 points in order to win the bet. Conversely, the underdog Ravens can lose by as many as 5 points and still win the wager. Sportsbooks and betting shops will usually post such wagers with a half-point added to the spread in order to prevent the bet from resulting in a “push” and causing them to refund all the associated action.

The Super Bowl Straight Bet

The Super Bowl straight bet is exactly like the regular season straight bet, in that it is the polar opposite of a spread bet. With straight betting, bettors simply pick a winner, with the moneylines proportioned to pay out significantly better on underdogs than on favorites. (Because straight up betting is based on the moneyline, it is often called straight moneyline betting.)

In this Super Bowl straight bet example, the Panthers, as underdogs, pay out $210 on a $100 bet. The Pats, on the other hand, are big favorites, and you’d have to risk $185 to win $100. If you think the underdog will win the game outright, you can maximize your legal Texas Super Bowl betting returns by putting action on the straight bet instead of the spread bet.

The Super Bowl Totals Bet

The last of the three main Super Bowl betting types is the totals bet. Here, bettors aren’t concerned with winners or losers. Instead, the thing being wagered on is the combined point total between both teams at the end of the game. Your sportsbook will provide an over/under number, and your job is to pick whether the final score will combine to go over or stay under said number. For this reason, totals betting is often called over/under betting.

If the Saints and the Chiefs combine to score 57 or more points in the game, the “over” bet wins. If they combine to score 56 or fewer points, the “under” bet wins. As with spread betting, most legal online sportsbooks will include a half-point to the total so that the wager doesn’t result in a push.

Super Bowl Player Props

Legal Texas Super Bowl BettingIn addition to the standard wagering options you’ll come across during your legal Texas Super Bowl betting run, you’ll have an expanded menu of Super Bowl player props to choose from. Regular season NFL games might have a few dozen such wagers per contest, but since the Super Bowl is such a big-money event for bettors and sportsbooks alike, you’ll get many more chances to wager on the individual performances of athletes on the field.

The types of Super Bowl player props available will vary by betting shop, but you can expect to be able to put action on things like the number of INTs the quarterback will throw, how many fumbles the tailback will cough up, how many sacks the DB will tally, how many punts the kicker will put inside the 10 yard line, and lots more along those lines.

Super Bowl Team Props

Much like individual player props, Super Bowl team props are based on performances within the game, only from a squad-oriented perspective. With team props, legal Texas Super Bowl betting options at your favorite online sportsbook will usually include things like how many total field goals the special teams will account for, how many yards from scrimmage the offense will rack up, how many yards of rushing the defense will allow, and so on. Between player and team prop wagers, TX bettors will have well in excess of 100 different prop bets to choose from come Super Bowl Sunday.

In-Game Super Bowl Betting

If the above seems like a full gambling menu, it is. Nevertheless, with legal online sports betting, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s because in-game, live betting offers a legal Texas Super Bowl betting menu that doubles or even triples the quantity of wagers available. Normal, traditional bets are locked in by kickoff, but live betting lets gamblers put action on every single snap, down, and drive throughout the entire contest. And because all the best online betting shops offer real-time menus so you’ll never miss a single wager, you can be a part of – and profit from! – all the action as it unfolds.

Mobile Super Bowl Betting Apps For TX Residents

If you’re looking for a mobile Super Bowl betting app, you won’t find one, as Apple and Google don’t allow legal online sportsbooks to release official apps for their platforms. That said, you don’t need to use iTunes, the App Store, or the Google Play store to get a fully-fledged mobile Super Bowl betting experience on your iPhone or Android handset.

Thanks to the effort that Internet betting shops like Bovada and SportsBetting have put into crafting mobile-optimized web portals for their on-the-go clientele, all you need to quickly find and place wagers is a smartphone and an Internet connection. Plus, legal Texas Super Bowl betting is actually safer on your mobile devices, because those tend to have inherently better data security than standard laptop and desktop computers.

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl In TX

While Texas doesn’t have any Class III, Vegas-style casinos, it wouldn’t matter even if they did, as on-site, commercial sports betting is banned by federal law everywhere except for Nevada. However, Texas residents don’t have to travel to Sin City to bet on the big game.

Instead, legal online sportsbooks and betting shops like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, 5Dimes, BetDSI, and BookMaker are where to bet on the Super Bowl in TX. Signing up is free, fast, and easy, and each different sportsbook offers different odds on every matchup, so joining several of them means that you can shop around for the very best wagers and payouts.


Bovada SportsbookLegal Texas Super Bowl Betting

As the premier Internet sportsbook, Bovada is basically the trendsetter for the entire industry. The company’s management team practically invented online sports gambling, and their reputation for excellent customer care is underwritten by the fact that they’ve never missed a single payout for even one of their millions of customers. If you sign up for legal Texas Super Bowl betting at Bovada right now, you’ll not only get the best lines, spreads, and service, but you’ll also be eligible for their $250 Sports Welcome Bonus and their $5000 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus.


SportsBetting SportsbookTexas Super Bowl Betting That's Legal

As its name implies, SportsBetting is one of the top destinations for sports betting on the Internet. As one of the old guard of the industry, SportsBetting has made its mark by offering alternate lines, robust betting menus for every sport around, and customer service on par with the best in the business. Signing up is free, and if you’re looking to get started with legal Texas Super Bowl betting at SportsBetting, you’ll get a slew of perks like a 75% Welcome Bonus, a 100% Bitcoin Bonus, and a 25% Bonus For Life on recurring deposits.

Current Odds For Super Bowl 52

Legal Texas Super Bowl BettingAs usual, the current odds for Super Bowl 52 have the New England Patriots atop the leaderboard at +250, with their AFC rival Steelers hot on their heels at +600. The surging Vikings are posting +600 right now, as well, and a surprisingly complete Saints team is in at +900. Other contenders include the Eagles (+1000), the Rams (+1000), the Jaguars (+1400), the Falcons (+1400), the Chiefs (+1800), and the Panthers (+1800). Regardless of which teams make it to the final game, however, feels Super Bowl LII is bound to have among the biggest turnouts ever for legal Texas Super Bowl betting.

Legal Texas Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Will Texas Residents Be Arrested For Betting On The Super Bowl?

Heck naw! TX residents cannot be arrested for betting on the Super Bowl, provided that they use a legal online sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, or the like. Remember, while federal laws like the Wire Act, PASPA, and the UIGEA ban folks from taking sports bets (excepting NV), it doesn’t say a thing about placing them. So use an Internet betting shop to bet on the Super Bowl in TX, and you’re good to go!

Why Don’t TX Casinos Offer Super Bowl Bets?

Texas casinos are limited to Class II tribal properties, so their gambling options are fairly restricted to begin with. However, because federal law only allows Nevada to host sports betting inside its casinos, TX casinos won’t be able to offer the activity until such time as the law changes. Until then, legal online sportsbooks are the only places to safely enjoy legal Texas Super Bowl betting.

Should I Use Other Online Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Betting?

You could certainly use other online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting in Texas, but it’s unadvisable. The list of scammers out there is enormous, while the number of legitimate Internet betting shops is fairly small. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and the others mentioned above are the only places that have earned the goodwill of the gambling community through years of A-Class service and industry best practices.

What Are The Best Deposit Methods For Legal Super Bowl Betting In Texas?

There are many ways to deposit funds into your legal Texas Super Bowl betting account, including credit, debit, money order, wire transfer, personal check, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin) and various third-party peer-to-peer services. However, most of these incur large fees and come with long wait times, so if you want your deposit to clear ASAP, you’ll want to use a charge card or a cryptocurrency. (Please note: Only Bovada currently accepts American Express.)

How Do I Cash Out My Legal Texas Super Bowl Winnings?

Cashing out your legal TX Super Bowl winnings can be a lengthy process if you choose to go with any of the traditional routes. Money orders, wire transfers, and courier checks can take up to 10 days to get to your wallet, and most online sportsbooks don’t allow card chargebacks for money won on their boards.

However, if you use Bitcoin or Litecoin for your withdrawals, you can get your winnings same-day. Because these cryptocurrencies are good for both rapid deposits and withdrawals, they are probably the best all-around platforms by which to manage both financial sides of your legal Texas Super Bowl betting.

Do I Have To Claim My Legal Texas Super Bowl Winnings On My Taxes?

If you want to keep your legal Texas Super Bowl winnings, then yes, you have to claim them on your taxes. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon your perspective), the IRS has made paying taxes on your gambling winnings a simple matter. Just fill out Form W-2G and Form 1040, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Just in case, however, always remember to keep records of all your legal Texas Super Bowl betting transactions.